Monday, February 5, 2007

Most Frequent Questions:

We have many good applicants. Why should we choose you?
Why did you choose to apply to this program?
What would you like to know about our program?
What do you feel you could add to our program?
What have you learned about yourself from previous jobs?
How do I know you can show initiative and are willing to work?
What are your interests outside of medicine?
What would you say are your major strengths? Weaknesses?
Why did you choose this specialty?
Tell me about your medical education.
Tell me about your previous clinical experience in (specialty name).
Why are you so sure (specialty) is right for you?
Tell me about your experience with the USMLE exam(s)? (if candidate has so-so score(s) or failed attempts)
Have you ever worked in an ICU (or other unit common to the specialty)?
Have you ever worked in an American hospital? Tell me about that experience.
How do you get along with nurses?
Have you ever taught medical students?
Do you have any publications?
Are you interested in research activity? Please elaborate.
Have you ever made any presentations before a professional group?
Have you assisted in surgery? On what procedures? Tell me how you were involved.
What are your long term goals?
Tell me about yourself.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years' time?
What are you looking for in a training program?
Do you have any questions about our program?
What books have you read lately? Tell me about (book, article).
Do you plan to practice in (program's area or state)?
Tell me about the latest treatment for XXXX (a common disease treated by the specialty). (This is often called "pimping an applicant" and is not as common as it once was.)
How would you describe your decision-making style?
Describe the most difficult decision you have ever had to make. How did you go about it?
Describe the worst or most disappointing clinical experience you've had so far.
What will you do if you don't match in (specialty)?
To what other (programs or specialty areas) have you applied?
What is your visa status?
Describe a difficult time in your life and how you dealt with it.
Do you have any beliefs or convictions that might interfere with your willingness to deal with the kind of clinical situations you are likely to be presented with in residency training? (Usually asked if program director fears religious beliefs may prevent applicant from performing abortions, birth control, etc.)
What do you do to cope with stress?
Have you taken any CME courses? If not, why not? (asked to measure applicant's initiative in seeking exposure to US-style of health care delivery)
Have you held any leadership roles? Elaborate.
What factors would lead you to rank a program very highly?
What factors would lead you to lower your ranking of a program?
What kind of personality traits do you find most difficult to deal with in co-workers?
What challenges do you foresee that will potentially affect this specialty in the next ten years?
What kind of patient do you find it most difficult to relate to? What tactics would you use to establish optimal rapport with such a patient?


The most hectic part!!
But the most essential too.
You need it all the time, your time and energy is wasted if you dont have interviews at hand. And when you have good number of interviews, its hard to manage the things, requirements, and the preparation for interview.

Our friend will post his interview tips and experiences and sample question and answers in a near future.